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Reviewing The Unitron Moxi All

Unitron Moxi All

By Rachel Lapham on 4th May 2018

Unitron has just launched their latest addition to the Tempus range which they have called the Moxi All; it is a new rechargeable receiver in canal hearing aid that is also a Made For Any Phone device. That means it will connect to any mobile phone that has a Bluetooth feature.   Unitron has chosen to offer a hearing aid that will connect to any mobile phone with Bluetooth using the headset protocol. Making it rechargeable means that you will Read More

Phonak Introduce New Rechargeable BTE Hearing Aid

Bolero Belong Range

By Rachael Lapham on 13th June 2017

Phonak have just launched their new Bolero Belong Behind The Ear Hearing Aid Range. It continues the introduction of their Belong platform and their rechargeable portfolio.For the first time ever, it is to have a Lithium-Ion powered rechargeable hearing aid option. It will be the first of its kind within the industry and the first time that Phonak will have a rechargeable BTE. As we said, alongside the launch of the new Bolero Belong platform of Read More

Resound Introduces New Made For iPhone Hearing Aids

Linx 3D hearing aids

By Rachel Lapham on 13th May 2017

Resound had been quiet with innovations in the Made For iPhone sphere for a long time after the introduction of the Linx2. However, they have finally updated their range with the release of the LiNX 3D. The new platform appears outstanding and of course has some real groundbreaking features. Let's take a look at what is on offer. The Resound Linx 3D hearing aids are the brand new range of Made For iPhone hearing aid technology from GN Resound. Read More

Whats Happening For Rechargeable Hearing Aids in 2017? Unitron is Introducing Theirs

Smallest ever receiver in canal hearing aid

By Rachel Lapham on 14th February 2017

As reported by our friends at Hearing Aid Know in their article What can you expect for Rechargeable hearing aids in 2017? Rechargeable hearing aids are really big news in the hearing aid world. The breakthrough in power stability provided by Lithium-ion has delivered a really stable option for rechargeable hearing devices. The success and popularity of the devices introduced so far will ensure that every hearing aid brand was going to move Read More

From Our Family To Yours, Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas

By Rachel Lapham on 20th December 2016

Well here we are, we can hardly believe that it is Christmas once again. There is nothing we like more at Christmas than to see our Patients, to ensure that they are doing fine and to share the joy of the season. We love family Christmases, they are special times for us, we hope that this Christmas is also a special time for you, filled with joy and laughter, Happy Christmas, from our family to yours. Read More

Widex and Oticon Introduce Made For iPhone Hearing aids

By Rachel Lapham on 20th November 2016

Both Widex and Oticon have introduced hearing aids that have Made For iPhone technology on board. That is now four hearing aid manufacturers who offer Made For iPhone hearing devices. Although, GN Resound is still the only manufacturer to offer a full range of devices including custom in ear hearing aids. Let's take a look at the two new hearing instrument ranges So what do we know about the Beyond? It is a Fusion device based on the Unique Read More

Moxi Now

By Rachel Lapham on 20h October 2016

Unitron has just announced the release of a brand new addition to their hearing aid line up called the Moxi™ Now. It will be introduced in the UK and Ireland from mid October and it is the world’s smallest wireless receiver-in-the-canal (RIC) hearing aid ever made. The Moxi Now hearing device is the latest addition to Unitron’s line up of Moxi RIC hearing devices and will be launched as part of the North Platform. However, it is only to be Read More

Phonak Introduces Rechargeable Hearing Aids For The First Time Ever

Phonak Rechargeable Hearing Aids

By Rachel Lapham on 20th September 2016

In a first for Phonak, they are introducing a hearing aid range that includes a rechargeable hearing device option. The Audeo Belong hearing device range is the first Phonak hearing device range with a rechargeable option. This in itself is quite an amazing innovation and a new direction for them. However there is much more that is new in this range than just that, the Belong comes with an upgraded operating system, the latest version of Read More

Unitron Introduces Smallest Ever RIC Hearing Aid

Unitron Moxi Now

By Rachael Lapham on 31st August 2016

Unitron has announced the release of Moxi™ Now, which is the world’s smallest wireless receiver-in-the-canal (RIC) hearing aid. Moxi Now is the latest addition to Unitron’s design-focused line up of RIC hearing instruments and will be available on the North Platform. We expect it to hit our shores soon so we decided to have an early look at it.  As you can see from the picture, Unitron’s tiny Moxi Now is about the size of 2 stacked Read More

Unitron introduces a new BTE and some are getting excited about it

Unitron Stride M Hearing aids

By Rachel Lapham on 25th May 2016

We read an article recently on the new Stride M from Unitron by one of our colleagues named Geoffrey Cooling, the article "Unitron Introduces an RIC Killer!" got us thinking about what benefits the new device really brings. RIC, in the article, refers to Receiver In Canal hearing aids, they are great hearing aids, but they have their pros and cons as Geoff rightly points out. They aren't for everyone and up to now there hasn't really been an Read More

Phonak introduces Naida V hearing aids for people with severe to profound hearing loss

Naida V hearing aids from Phonak

By Rachel Lapham on 25th April 2016

Phonak has been well known for outstanding solutions for severe and profound hearing loss for many years. They launched the Naida range in 2007 and it quickly became the accepted hearing solution for people with severe and profound hearing loss. Their latest Naida Venture range, which is their latest addition, looks like it will continue to build on that legacy. The new Naida V was initially launched at an event in Dublin last Thursday. Phonak Read More

Widex Unique Hearing Aids 

Widex Unique hearing aids

By Rachel Lapham on 29th March 2016

The Unique range of hearing aids from Widex have been with us for a little while now, so we thought it was a good idea that we told you a little more about them. They seem to have captured the imagination of the public because many people actually ask about them. So let's take a look at the hearing aids, the differing tech levels and what they do.  The Unique 440 is the flagship or premium range of hearing aids in Widex's new "Unique" range. The Read More

Quit Smoking & Save Your Hearing

cigarette smoke

By Rachael Lapham on 24th February 2016

We all know that smoking is really bad for us, but did you know that it has been linked to hearing loss? Among the dangers of smoking, not the least that it is estimated that more than 480,000 people die from it each year, is the risk smoking poses to your hearing health. As is the case with many smoking dangers, this extends to those exposed to secondhand smoke, as well. Most cigarettes are a veritable cocktail of chemicals that are known to be Read More

Meet The Latest Range of Hearing Aids From Unitron. 

Unitron Stride custom hearing aids, Isle of Man

By Rachel Lapham on 26th January 2015

The NEW platform from Unitron, North™, brings you closer to natural hearing, and addresses understanding conversations in a wide range of situations Unitron is one of our favourite hearing aid manufacturers. They supply fantastic hearing aids packed with high technology at great value. Last year they launched the North™ platform, their latest ground-breaking sound processing platform that can distinguish between different types of Read More

What Makes Smart Hearing Aids Smart?

Smart Hearing Aids Isle of Man

By Rachel Lapham on 31st December 2015

It seems that everywhere you look, ordinary devices have become “smart”,  phones, TVs, fridges even your toothbrush. So called smart devices can be easy to use, they can anticipate your needs, interact with you on a daily basis, and connect and work with many other consumer electronics. Modern hearing aids are no different, you may have heard of smart hearing aids, it is a term that is used more and more to describe the latest hearing devices Read More

Don't Gift Hearing Loss To Children This Christmas

hearing loss at christmas

By Rachel Lapham on 30th November 2015

It is that time of year again and the madness is definitely in full swing, even in the Lapham houshold there is a simmering obsession for all things merry. It really is a great time, when most people's thoughts turn to exactly what toys to get for the children in their life (even the big children).  It is a little shocking to think that a product designed for a child to receive joy from could actually damage their hearing health. However, that Read More

The New Widex Unique Range

Widex Unique Range Of Hearing Aids

By Rachel Lapham on 28th October 2015

Widex have just launched their newest and most advanced hearing aids yet. The Widex Unique range of hearing aids were launched last week and they certainly seem to live up to the Widex reputation for innovation. Widex say that these are the best hearing aids that they have ever produced, that is a quite a big claim coming from a company renowned for superior hearing aids. Lets look at what the Unique platform has to offer you! Read More

Hearing Aids & The Apple Watch

Apple Watch & Hearing Aids

25th September 2015

Since Made For iPhone hearing aids were first launched by GN ReSound, they have become quite a success story. Many users really like the idea of connecting their hearing aids and an iPhone seamlessly and easily. Not just that, the accompanying smart apps on the iPhone delivered real power to users who wanted it. We have moved on since the launch as has GN ReSound with an updated Made For iPhone range that now includes custom hearing aids.  Read More

Hearing Aids From Oticon, The Very Latest Ranges

Oticon Hearing Aids

8th August 2015

We have spoken before about the new Inium Sense platform from Oticon and how it brings improved processing power to BrainHearing™ technologies for better performance and improved personalisation. Using the new platform, Oticon, Inc. has introduced the Alta2, Nera2 and Ria2 hearing aids ranges, the latest hearing solutions in the Performance Line families and the first to be powered by Oticon’s new Inium Sense Platform. With this new platform, Read More

The North Platform From Unitron

Port Erin, Isle Of Man

17th July 2015

Unitron, recently announced the launch of North™, its newest ground-breaking sound processing platform that can distinguish between different types of conversation. We attended the launch and we were impressed with what we saw.  North’s new SoundNav™ technology automatically identifies and classifies seven distinct sound environments. Four of them are focused specifically on conversation. This allows the hearing aids to focus even more on Read More

Buying Hearing Aids ? Here is What You Need To Know

Port erin, Isle Of Man

8th June 2015

Buying hearing aids can be a daunting task for the un-initiated. However, once you have a fair idea about what you should ask and what your chosen hearing care professional should do, It is a lot easier. So with that in mind we are going to try and detail the questions you should ask and what should happen. Here is the first part of the series and it covers the hearing test.  A full hearing test is important to make decisions about any treatment Read More

Looking For A Hearing Test On The Isle Of Man?

Port Erin, Isle Of Man

6th May 2015

There are many steps that are part of a hearing test and hearing aid evaluation that we undertake at Island Hearing.  If you think that you may have a hearing loss or might need a hearing aid, you will first need to have a hearing test to confirm any hearing loss. The hearing test is non intrusive and usually takes around an hour to complete. The hearing test is broken down into different sections, each section is important and allows us to Read More

Looking For Hearing Aids on the Isle Of Man?

Port Erin, Isle Of man

28th of April 2015

We are committed to providing the best hearing aids and hearing care service on the Isle Of man. That is why we supply digital hearing aids from only the best hearing aid manufacturers in the world. We back up those hearing aids with world class best practice after care service. We only use the best and most modern hearing aids available to us, from trusted industry leading manufacturers at our centres on the Isle Of Man. We continually update Read More

Microsuction Earwax Removal Now Available in Port Erin

Port Erin, Isle Of Man

9th April 2015

We are now qualified to offer Microsuction Earwax Removal at our Practice in Port Erin. We felt that as part of our commitment to offering cutting edge service to our Patients, we should become qualified to perform micro suction services. We consider micro suction to be the safest and easiest method of earwax removal and that is why we decided to ensure it was available at our Practice.   Micro suction is a procedure which uses gentle suction to Read More

The Siemens Custom Hearing Aid Range Isle Of Man

2nd April 2015

In-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids, also known as custom hearing aids are individually manufactured to fit a person’s ear. They range from the newer format of invisible in-the-canal (IIC) to full-shell (FS) hearing aids. Siemens has a range of in ear hearing aid platforms that cover all of the technology levels from low or entry level to top of the range. Each platform has everything from the smallest custom to the larger full shell model. Read More

Oticon Introduces New More Powerful Hearing Aid Platform

Port Erin, Isle Of Man

1st April 2015

Oticon's new Inium Sense platform brings improved processing power to BrainHearing™ technologies for better performance and improved personalization. Oticon has introduced the Alta2, Nera2 and Ria2 hearing aids ranges, the latest hearing solutions in the Performance Line families and the first to be powered by Oticon’s new Inium Sense Platform.  The new even more sophisticated sound processor increases the processing power of Oticon’s proven Read More

binax Hearing Aids From Siemens On The Isle Of Man

Port Erin, Isle Of Man

22nd March 2015

Introducing binax™. A world first in hearing aid technology. Hearing technology that is clinically proven to outperform normal hearing in demanding listening environments*. binax™ is the next generation of BestSound™ Technology that enables wearers to achieve up to 25% better speech recognition than individuals with normal hearing in challenging listening environments like restaurants and cocktail parties*. **Studies conducted at University of Read More

Make Your Listening Safe 

Port Erin, Isle Of Man

13th March 2015

The World Health Organization (WHO) is attempting to raise awareness of recreational noise-induced hearing loss on International Ear Care Day (March 3, 2015). Their campaign slogan is , “Make Listening Safe”. The focus of the campaign is on teenagers and young adults who frequently put their hearing at risk on a daily basis. According to current WHO figures, around 1.1 billion young people(1*) worldwide are at risk of hearing loss solely due to Read More

Widex Hearing Aids

Port Erin, Isle Of Man

5th March 2015

WIDEX DREAM allows more sound in than any other hearing aid so you can hear more details of the world around you - and in a way that's as true-to-life as technology allows. Even in noisy environments such as parties, sporting events or at the cinema. And thanks to unique technology that preserves the human voice, you can also hear more words - for instance, enjoy conversations, even in the noise of a crowded restaurant or at a concert hall. Read More

10 Ways Good Hearing Equals Good Health

Port Erin, Isle of Man

25th February 2015

Hearing health is one of the areas of healthcare that most people are willing to overlook as they get older. Other health matters may certainly seem more pressing. However, many people don't realise that maintaining a good level of hearing health throughout your life can lead to real benefits in your later life.  Most people who suffer from falls in their older years do so because they difficulties with their balance. This is normally due to Read More