Hearing Aids & Hearing Healthcare Services

Diagnostic Hearing Tests

Comprehensive diagnostic hearing test and hearing aid evaluations for adults. Using the best equipment ensuring that you can have complete confidence in your test results and the recommendations made.

Hearing Aids

We offer only the most up to date manufacturer branded hearing aids from the best manufacturers in the world.

We fit them using the best process and equipment to make truly customise them for you. 

Specialist Ear Moulds

We offer a selection of specialist ear moulds for headphones and hearing aids. We can source a set of custom ear plug solutions in virtually any colour from durable, professional,top-quality materials. Always comfortable because they're custom

Microsuction Earwax Removal

We undertake specialist earcare services, we offer safe, easy and gentle earwax removal via microsuction in our Practice. If you are worried about earwax, come and see us.

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Hearing Aid Repairs

We offer repairs and servicing on all major brands of hearing aids. Quite often the repairs can be undertaken in our practice. If we can't do it on site, we will process the repair with the appropriate manufacturer for you.

Noise Protection

Conservation is better than treatment, loud sounds can cause irreversible damage, protecting your hearing is essential in any noisy environment. We offer the very best noise protection devices available

The hearing aid is just the beginning, the fitting and fine-tuning is what delivers real benefit

that's why we have invested so heavily in state of the art fitting equipment

Why Us

Expert Advice

Expert, but clear advice about your hearing loss and what can be done to improve it

The Best Hearing Aids

The best hearing aid technology available from a full range of manufacturers

Clear Pricing

Transparency when it comes to prices, we prominently display our price list

Strong Aftercare

Aftercare and rehabilitation service that cannot be beaten from an experienced and trustworthy team

"The service was highly professional and I was also put at my ease, not only by Tim Lapham but by his assistant Rachel. i am very pleased with the hearing aid you supplied"

Anna D

Looking For A Comprehensive Hearing Care Service With Clear Pricing?