Apple Watch & Hearing Aids

25th September 2015

Hearing Aids & The Apple Watch

Made For iPhone Hearing Aids & The Apple Watch, A Gimmick?

Since Made For iPhone hearing aids were first launched by GN ReSound, they have become quite a success story. Many users really like the idea of connecting their hearing aids and an iPhone seamlessly and easily. Not just that, the accompanying smart apps on the iPhone delivered real power to users who wanted it. We have moved on since the launch as has GN ReSound with an updated Made For iPhone range that now includes custom hearing aids. 

Apple has moved on as well with the launch of their Apple Watch, again GN ReSound were quick to take advantage of the new Apple device and they released a version of their smart app that worked on the cut down screen of the Apple Watch. Initially feelings were mixed, the app was on the smart phone in anyway and people were used to taking their smart phone out and doing what they wanted. So what was the attraction? This was the big question and more than a few hearing impaired bloggers decided to see. 

Ease of use

So what did they find out? Like all things, there was a bit of a learning curve, however being able to fine-tune the volume, treble, and bass of their hearing aids as discretely and easily as checking the time on your wrist was something that impressed them. Initially though, many weren't hugely impressed, the statement always arose that they could just whip their phone out of their pocket in anyway. Over time though, it is obvious that their view has mostly changed. 

As each individual became familiar with the Apple Watch and the other apps outside of their hearing aid app, the experience became more central. I think many would now say that they prefer using the Apple Watch interface because of its immediacy and ease of use. The watch is a much more personal device than the phone and making quick changes to your hearing aids whilst on the move is so much easier. There was one statement I read which was really interesting. 

I don't really bother with a remote for my hearing aids, why do I need an Apple Watch?

One of the chaps said that even with his smart phone app, he very rarely changed the parameters of his hearing aids. He wondered what would be the value of the Apple Watch to him. He was very surprised to find that it delivered huge value. He said that in fact the immediacy and ease of use of the app encouraged him to use it. He also said that using the app on a daily basis, which is what he is doing now, made his experience with his hearing aids a better experience. He also said that the power and control of the app delivered better hearing for him on a day to day basis. 

So what can the apps for your Made For iPhone hearing aids on the Apple Watch offer you and should you consider buying an Apple Watch? We can tell you what the app offers, I think buying an Apple Watch is probably a personal decision. Many might be afraid of the technology, but it is our experience that once you are comfortable with something, the options for use just expand. We think that you should remain open minded and do some research about other's experience. Here is what it can do for you if you indeed have Made For iPhone hearing aids. 

No more remote control

As hearing aids become smaller, more effective, and packed with complex capabilities, they are harder to handle from a dexterity point of view. Normall, the full value of your hearing aids can only be unlocked by a remote control, but it is just another device to clutter your pockets or handbag. While using your mobile phone as the remote control gets rid of the extra device issue, you are still pulling it out to make the changes. The beuty of the Apple Watch is it's immediacy. If you want to alter a setting, you just raise your wrist, simple as that. This ease of use also seems to encourage people to actually use the full functionality of the hearing aids. This is a really excellent development, it means that they can take control and helps them deliver a better hearing experience. .

Adjustments without effort

Want to adjust your hearing aid volume, get a bit more bass or treble? No problem, raise your wrist, tap the hearing aid app and swipe your finger to adjust the volume control slider. It doesn't really get any easier than that. You can also quickly fine-tune the treble and bass of your digital hearing aids. this allows you to create the best sound quality for your tastes in any sound environment.

Mute your hearing aids

Sometimes what you need is silence, with the Apple Watch, you can turn off the hearing aids with the push of a button. Simple and easy bliss.

Create and save custom sound settings

Conversation in a restaurant is very different than quiet conversation at home, they are completely different sound environments that need different settings on your hearing aids. Most hearing aids come pre-programmed with settings that enhance sounds in accordance to the environment. The Apple Watch allows you to access and switch among these presets with complete ease. The functionality to save a setting that works especially well in a particular place is also available on the Watch. You can save the setting, name it, and access it in the future.

Stream music and phone calls

You can use the watch to manage the streaming of audio to your hearing aids, so if you want to listen to your favourite album it is as easy as a few taps. You can also easily answer or forward phone calls straight from the watch, phone call audio is transmitted wirelessly to your hearing aids just like your music.

Find your lost hearing aids

You can use the all important find your hearing aids feature on your watch, so if you lose your hearing aids, you can promptly track them down as the watch pinpoints their specific location and displays it on a map.

Control the focus on speech

The watch app will allow you access to the settings for your directional microphones and noise reduction capabilities. Again, with ease you can narrow the focus of your hearing aids in a noisy room. 

View your battery and connection status

A quick glance can let you know what your hearing aid battery life is like, it means that you will never be caught without batteries again. 

Access the tinnitus management options

You can also access your tinnitus management options, right there on your wrist. Again, the simplicity, ease of use and immediacy is what makes it so attractive. 

The Apple Watch in combination with a compatible set of hearing aids delivers real control with ease of use. While that is attractive to some, the immediacy of using the device encourages hearing aid users to really explore the full functionality of their hearing aids. Not just that, the immediacy of the device also encourages users to explore more options that will deliver lifestyle benefits beyond just better hearing. In essence the Apple Watch is the answer to several of the issues expressed by  many hearing aid users. It also delivers a degree of interaction and control with complete ease that hasn't been available before.

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