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By Rachael Lapham on 13th June 2017

Phonak Introduce New Rechargeable BTE Hearing Aid

Phonak have just launched their new Bolero Belong Behind The Ear Hearing Aid Range. It continues the introduction of their Belong platform and their rechargeable portfolio.For the first time ever, it is to have a Lithium-Ion powered rechargeable hearing aid option. It will be the first of its kind within the industry and the first time that Phonak will have a rechargeable BTE.


Bolero Belong Hearing Devices

As we said, alongside the launch of the new Bolero Belong platform of BTE hearing aids, they have launched a lithium-ion rechargeable BTE, the Bolero B-PR. It has been anticipated and expected since they introduced the Audeo B-R.

As I said, it is the first Lithium-ion rechargeable BTE to the market and the first Phonak BTE hearing aid range with a rechargeable option. They say that like the Audeo B-R, the power pack will deliver 24 hours of hearing with one simple charge (expected results when fully charged, and up to 80 minutes wireless streaming time).

Phonak Bolero B PRThe P style is quite a powerful aid and can be expected to be fitted to people with up to severe hearing loss. It will mean that people with complex needs will be able to use a traditional type BTE that is rechargeable. 

 The Bolero range, as always, will be a full model line up with four Bolero B models. They will include B-M, B-P, B-SP, and the rechargeable B-PR.  In line with the Audeo, It will run on the new improved AutoSense OS and will come in the usual four levels of technology. The rechargeable device will not be available in the 30 level of technology.

What are the key features of The Bolero Belong PR

  • Rechargeable lithium-ion power cell
  • 24 hours continuous use with up to 5 hours streaming
  • Easy charging
  • Unique OneShell design
  • The device will only available in the 90, 70 and 50 level of tech

The has been launched in the United Kingdom and will be the second range available on the new Belong platform from Phonak. As always, if you have any questions about hearing loss, earwax removal, hearing healthcare or hearing aids in The Isle of Man, give us a call on 01624 830722 or book your appointment online now

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