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13th March 2015

Make Your Listening Safe 

Make Listening Safe, Hear the World Foundation Supports WHO's International Ear Care Day

WHO Campaign

The World Health Organization (WHO) is attempting to raise awareness of recreational noise-induced hearing loss on International Ear Care Day (March 3, 2015). Their campaign slogan is , “Make Listening Safe”. The focus of the campaign is on teenagers and young adults who frequently put their hearing at risk on a daily basis. According to current WHO figures, around 1.1 billion young people(1*) worldwide are at risk of hearing loss solely due to preventable unsafe listening practices.

50% Exposed To Unsafe Sound Levels

In middle and high-income countries, 50% of teenagers and young adults are exposed to unsafe levels of sound from the use of personal audio devices and 40% are exposed to potentially damaging sound levels at clubs and bars. Awareness among teens and young adults of the possible irreversible damage they are doing is exceptionally low. The Hear the World Foundation supports the WHO’s efforts to raise awareness and is drawing attention to this critical topic with a powerful video involving celebrity ambassadors such as Joss Stone, Kate Moss, and Christoph Waltz. 

The aim of the video, which is available to view at www.hear-the-world.com, is to raise awareness with as many teenagers and young adults as possible about the danger to their hearing. There is a hope that young people can be educated in the importance of protecting their hearing, because many are unaware that noise-induced hearing loss is irreversible.

A video involving Hear the World celebrity ambassadors appeals to young people to protect their hearing

tips on protecting Your hearing against noise-induced hearing loss

Keep Your Music at Safe Listening Level

Long term exposure to noise levels below 85 dB are considered to be safe for our hearing. If you listen to music through audio devices, do not turn it up any louder than 60 percent of the maximum volume. Always try to listen to music through head phones that fit well. This will help to block out background noise and allow you to enjoy music at a lower volume even in noisy surroundings.

Wear Ear Protection

Wear ear protection at concerts and clubs and in other noisy environments. You can buy specialist ear protection that can reduce the noise level by between 5 to 45 dB without affecting the quality of the sound. 

Be Aware Of Background Noise

Use smartphone apps to measure the levels of background noise in the places that you frequent.

Keep Your Distance

Keeping at a sufficient distance from the source of the noise helps to prevent hearing damage.

Rest Your Ears

To give your ears a rest, make a conscious effort to take breaks from listening and turn off all noise sources.

Have Your Hearing Checked

Have your hearing regularly checked by a hearing care professional. This will give you a baseline that you can monitor over the years. 

Louder Than 85 Decibels

Any sounds  that are louder than 85 decibels can cause permanent irreversible hearing loss depending on your length of exposure (called dose). But just how loud is 85 decibels? Take a look at these decibel ratings and permissible dose times.

Intensities of Common Sounds in Decibels

Sounds Intensities Permissible exposure time
City Traffic, inside the car 85 dB 8 hours
Bulldozer 88 dB 4 hours
Jazz Concert 91 dB 2 hours
Power Mower 94 dB 1 hour
Nightclub 97 dB 30 minutes
Ambulance Siren, inside driver window down 100 dB 15 minutes
Rock Concert, Leaf Blower 115 dB 30 seconds


All of these tips are really good advice, you really do need to understand that your hearing, once damaged is gone. At present it is not repairable, just treatable. So protect your hearing at all costs, become aware of your hearing health. 

About the Hear the World Foundation

By supporting the charitable Hear the World Foundation, Sonova is campaigning for equal opportunities and a better quality of life for people with hearing loss. As a leading manufacturer of hearing systems, the company feels socially responsible for contributing towards a world where everyone has the chance to enjoy good hearing. For instance, the Hear the World Foundation supports disadvantaged people with hearing loss around the world and gets involved in prevention and providing information. It focuses particularly on projects for children with hearing loss, to enable them to develop at the appropriate rate for their age. More than 80 famous ambassadors, including celebrities such as Plácido Domingo, Annie Lennox, Sting and Joss Stone, champion the Hear the World Foundation.

For further information, go to www.hear-the-world.com. Connect with them at http://www.facebook.com/CanYouHearTheWorld

[1]* Teenagers and young adults aged 12 to 35

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