Unitron Stride M Hearing aids

By Rachel Lapham on 25th May 2016

Unitron introduces a new BTE and some are getting excited about it

We read an article recently on the new Stride M from Unitron by one of our colleagues named Geoffrey Cooling, the article "Unitron Introduces an RIC Killer!" got us thinking about what benefits the new device really brings. RIC, in the article, refers to Receiver In Canal hearing aids, they are great hearing aids, but they have their pros and cons as Geoff rightly points out. They aren't for everyone and up to now there hasn't really been an attractive, functional, powerful replacement option for people. You see RICs are powerful and discreet, traditional type BTEs that would cover these types of losses have never been as discreet. Now though, that has changed. So let's dive in and find out how. 


Stride M 312 BTE

Unitron Stride M with thin tube

The latest addition to the Stride family is a 312 behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing instrument which delivers a really discreet option.  The Stride M uses all of the North features, including SpeechZone 2, SoundNav and Sound Conductor, to provide a better hearing experience even in difficult sound environments. It is available in the 5 technology levels in the Stride range. The Stride M offers both user controls and a telecoil in a very discreet package.

The Stride M is both stylish and discreet and could be easily confused with Unitron's Moxi Kiss or Moxi Fit RICs (Receiver in Canals). This device is Unitron’s smallest BTE offering, however, it still manages to provide the highest amplification output of any 312 BTE. It can be fitted using a traditional hook and tube or it can be fitted with thin tubes. 

This versatility makes it suitable for patients with a wide range of hearing losses, or who, for a variety of reasons, can’t wear a receiver-in-the-canal devices. It appears that Unitron have delivered a BTE device has all the benefits of a RIC device without any of the drawbacks.

Here is a quick run down of what the Stride M has to offer. 

  • Size 312 Battery means it lasts even longer
  • As discreet as Most RIC devices
  • User controls which deliver real versatility of control
  • Can be fitted with thin tubes as well as traditional tubes and moulds.
  • There is a telecoil onboard

As we said earlier, RIC devices are not suitable for some people, this can be because of over production of earwax, moist ears or a history of perforations or middle ear infections. They are also a device that needs real care, the receiver needs to be kept clean and the wax guards need to be changed regularly to protect the receiver.

The Stride M delivers many benefits over a RIC device, thin tubes are easier to clean than receivers. They are also cheaper to replace than receiver wires. They certainly don't break down from wax or moisture ingression the way receivers can. The Stride M seems to offer the discretion and functionality of a RIC device without all the drawbacks. 

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