• Mrs A Drummond

    Glen Vine

    Tim was very kind and took a lot of time to explain all the different types he even let me use some hearing aids for a week to see if I liked them. I was amazed how clear everything sounded but I didn’t want to wear anything outside the ear so Tim had them made smaller so they could fit inside my ear

  • Peter I

    I arranged to meet Tim to discuss my hearing loss about four years ago. His approach was very professional but he never pushed that I needed hearing aids. He gave me a pair of hearing aids on loan to try out and as my family said, it is the first time that I have been attentive to their conversation in a long time. Tim's service is first class and his prices are far better than other companies on the island.

  • John H

    My first contact with Island Hearing was in the autumn of 2011 for the assessment of my problem. I have to say from the outset I felt confident that I was in safe hands. Tim was sympathetic and understood my problem from the outset. It was obvious that his first priority was to assure me that there was a long term solution to my hearing problem.

  • Mrs J Morrison

    Port Erin

    I wanted to pass on my greatest thanks for all the support provided to me with patience, empathy and making me fully at ease while getting to feel fully comfortable in wearing hearing aids for the first time in my life. I can honestly say it has given me a whole new outlook on life going forward-what a blessing

  • Ron C


    I am only too happy to recommend Tim at Island Hearing to anyone who thinks that they may need to check out their hearing and wants to consider the options available for hearing improvement. I have found the service, support and independent advice offered by Tim to be really first class

  • Billy Dickinson


    Tim at Island Hearing is attentive and meticulous in his approach towards his clients. He supplied me with a pair of Unitron hearing aids, which are state of the art. On several visits, to hone the difficult process of attuning the aids to my hearing loss, he has achieved almost perfection now with my hearing ... as natural now as it possibly could be

Kathleen J

Port Erin

Dear Tim, you have been my Audiologist for nearly ten years, which I think speaks for itself. I cannot fault your professionalism, courtesy and kindness, always unfailing, always helping.

Roy B


I write to thank you for the excellent service you provided when supplying my hearing aids. Nothing was too much trouble for you even travelling to the far end of the Island on two occasions. During the process you explained what was happening during every step in a language that was understandable to the layman. Your after sales service is second to none. I will have no hesitation in recommending you and your services to anyone with hearing difficulties.

Ethan J

Port Erin

I have had problems with my hearing for some time now. After an unsuccessful operation on one of my ears I decided to seek help from Tim at Island Hearing clinic to see if he could offer some advice and to show me what is available to me for my hearing. At the first appointment he showed me what test he would be doing and he explained what each of them were for.  With all this information and all the hearing aids he showed me which were suitable made me feel a great deal better and I felt that I could get my hearing back.

I selected a Phonak Audeo Smart 9 hearing aid. I was very impressed by this unit and it has not let me down at all. also with this hearing aid you could get a TV pilot link which I also find very useful. I would certainly recommend Tim to anybody who needs help with there hearing because he offers a professional service and is very understanding to people's needs. With Tim's help I now work safely as a electrician all round the Island and on building sites. Cheers for your help Tim.

Brian E


After having my NHS hearing aids fitted last year, I had some difficulties with comfort and appearance. Tim Lapham at Island Hearing of Port Erin gave my ears the “once over” and after listening very carefully to my concerns offered me same aids for me to “test run” for a week. This gave me far, far more than I expected in that my hearing was both vastly improved and the new aids were much more comfortable.

This resulted in me ordering (from a large range of both manufacturers and styles-whose prices were both open and clear) a pair that suited both my hearing, my comfort level and my pocket. I now wear my Moxi Kiss 20's all my waking hours and continue to completely forget I am wearing them, so a big thank you to Tim and Rachel.

Andrea D

Port St Mary

I would like to thank you for everything that you have done to assist my Father in Law Fred D. As you are aware Fred's hearing deteriorated quickly due to his illness and losing his hearing made a big impact to his quality of life. Fred is a very social person and to be unable to hear and contribute in converstaions had affected his personality.

We found your service to be very professional and efficient and after consultation at Island Hearing, Fred was fitted with a suitable hearing aid that improved his hearing situation significantly.

You always made Fred feel very comfortable and whenever he needs adjustments you are very quick to respond. On behalf of Fred and his family I would like to thank you and we will be more than happy to recommend your service to anyone requiring a hearing aid service.

Liz R


Dear Tim, I am writing to say thank you for the wonderful service you recently provided my Mother Pat C. My mum finds it very difficult to get around but you were very kind in calling to collect her and bringing her to your shop that she could have the tests needed to replace her hearing aids.

My Mum has now been fitted with a hearing aid from you and is very pleased with how well she can hear and I know from talking to her on the phone that she can hear more clearly. 

I am extremely grateful for the service which was professional and also very caring.  

Kath C

Port Erin

About a year ago I went to Island Hearing for a hearing test. I obtained a suitable appointment at once and when I attended the premises I found both Tim and Rachel to be friendly and accommodating. They put me at my ease straight away, but it was with some trepidation that I went into the back room with Tim for my test.

Tim explained everything to me, it wasn't complicated. I went into the booth and pressed the buzzer when I heard the sounds coming through. Tim then showed me on the computer screen the extent of my hearing loss and immediately offered me the use of the specially programmed hearing aids which I accepted. 

He also gave me a remote control device to control the volume and sound. I thought the price was very reasonable. I was delighted with my hearing aids and still am a year later. They are comfortable to wear and the aftercare has been excellent. I would recommend Island Hearing to anyone.


Sean P


I'm writing to thank you for helping improve my hearing loss!

I had found it increasingly difficult to hear my friends and my wife  without asking them to repeat themselves several times and always had the sub titles on the TV.  I knew my hearing had deteriorated but waited years because I did not want to admit it.  I finally came to see you rather nervously.  You and Rachel could not have been more friendly or helpful.  Tim, you gave me a comprehensive hearing test, explained exactly why my hearing was poor and from the beginning offered me a pair of hearing aids with no obligation to try out for a few days.  The difference was significant.  When I came back to see you there was no hard sell.  You offered a number of options at different prices and  explained the advantages and disadvantages with the various types of aid available.  Once I decided to take things forward, you were able to provide the aids I had chosen quickly.  There has been excellent aftercare as you tweaked the aids to best suit my hearing loss and circumstances.

Thanks to your help I can now hear much better, conversations are easier and I don't need to keep the sub titles on the TV any more!  Thank you both very much indeed.

Rob R


A good friend recommended Tim and his company to me, from my firstconsultation I found Tim veryprofessional, approachable and easy to get along with. I was particularly impressed by Tim's depth of knowledge on hearing loss and hearing aids, I was also impressed with his up to date computer technology which showed what hearing loss I have and what can be done to help my hearing.

This technology has certainly moved on since I bought my last hearing aid twenty years ago! What I liked most of all was there was no pushy sales talk which I have experienced from other hearing dispensers, after being shown various models suitable for me, I ended up opting for a pair of Resound Linx 9s, which with my hearing loss the difference has been absolutely incredible! My only regret is I hadn't gone to Tim sooner. I would recommend Tim and his company to anybody seeking help with a hearing loss. Many thanks Tim for all your help.