Port Erin, Isle of Man

25th February 2015

10 Ways Good Hearing Equals Good Health

Hearing Health Promotes General Well Being

Hearing health is one of the areas of healthcare that most people are willing to overlook as they get older. Other health matters may certainly seem more pressing. However, many people don't realise that maintaining a good level of hearing health throughout your life can lead to real benefits in your later life. 

Prevent falling accidents from occurring

Most people who suffer from falls in their older years do so because they difficulties with their balance. This is normally due to inner ear trauma suffered throughout their lives. This loss of balance can be avoided with proper hearing care throughout your life, greatly reducing the risk of a fall. An interesting but limited study was released recently that found that older people who wore two hearing aids performed far better in balance tests than those with hearing loss that wore only one hearing aid, or none at all. 

Better Security For You

If you are alert and can hear clearly during your day, you can hear when there are emergency sirens or notifications. The better you can hear the better chances are that you will escape any oncoming danger. Emergency broadcasts, approaching vehicles, car horns, and other emergency sounds can go unnoticed if your hearing isn't good.

A Happy Outlook

Keeping an active social life is key to remaining young at heart and emotionally balanced. Untreated hearing loss is linked to isolationism and depression. If you can converse freely with other people around you, then you will always be able to maintain good relationships and your own independence. Which all adds up to a happier day to day experience.

Access to better job opportunities

Many people do not realise it, but hearing loss can and does affect employment opportunity and financial well being. if you cannot hear the instructions that are being given the first time, it can lead to mistakes that are costly for the company and your potential career. 

Opportunities for education

Many older people go back to school to complete their education or expand their knowledge to keep busy. If you have good hearing, lecture halls and class rooms are much less daunting.

Higher levels of self confidence

If you are able to go into a public setting and be completely confident in your ability to hear people around you, then the chances are that you will have a more successful social life. The confidence to engage encourages you to engage more and a more active social life has been proven to prolong your life.

Good hearing health lowers your overall risk for dementia

Research has found that there is at least a correlative link between untreated hearing loss and neuro degenerative disease. Keeping your hearing in check throughout your life means that you can experience long, memorable golden years.

People with good hearing experience fewer trips to the hospital

Overall, older people with good hearing avoid trips to the hospital, less accidents and a happier more content life. If you have good hearing, then you will have more pleasant interactions with all of the people in your daily life. Being able to chat with the butcher or post man will keep you happy and emotionally healthy.


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